Percy Jackson Playlist ♬

Hello, loves, this is my Percy Jackson Playlist! ♬

This post is from my Instagram account,but I think that this playlist was worth the double post♡ Hope you enjoy! ♬

Fake Your Death by – Chemical Romance ♡

Know Your Enemy by – Green Day ♬

I Want to Break Free by – Queen ♡

Sugar, We’re Going Down by – Fall Out Boy ♬

Drops of Jupiter by – Train ♡

Mr.Brightside by – The Killers ♬

Ain’t to Proud to Beg by – The Rolling Stones ♡

This Is War by – Thirty Seconds to Mars ♬

Come As You Are by – Nirvana ♡

Death Valley by – Fall Out Boy ♬

Fix You by – Coldplay ♡

That’s What You Get by – Paramore ♬

Truce by – Twenty-one Pilots ♡

That’s it! Comment if you think any song doesn’t fit, or if you would like a song in. Also, please comment other books that you would like a music playlist on! ♬

If you would like to get in contact with me, please email me or follow me on Instagram –♡


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