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Writing tips ♡

hello, loves ♡

here are just a few of my tips & tricks for writing! ♔

enjoy! ♡

tip 1- writing space: when you are writing it is best to write some where calm and quiet. When you write you need a good environment where you can let all your ideas flow easily. You need to be able to work as long as you want with as much idea generating as possible. This will make it easiest to write and your work will slowly improve over time. ♔

tip 2- have an idea: before you wright, you need an idea. You need to have an idea so that you can bounce other ideas off of that one. Your idea should contain a plot, some conflicts, characters, settings, and a solution. This step should not include details, this is just to get started.♡

tip 3- proof it: writing takes a lot practice, your first writing piece will not be perfect. As you work at it, you will get better. Also, when you are working on one piece, there are many stages, especially if you’re series about it. The rough draft will need to edited and proofed, then the next part will need to be proofed by someone you think would be a good person to review it. (You can skip that part, but it is a good idea so that you can have someone else’s input that knows nothing about the piece.) Lastly there is the final draft which is the last stage of the piece, it makes sense, it is consecutive, there are no grammar errors, etc.♔

tip 4- be relative: when you write, it is best to be able to relate. Make the feelings the characters are feeling real, otherwise it seems that you can’t relate to what you are writing about. This will also help the readers who may not feel the same things that the characters are, if you can write what you fell (or felt) in a certain situation it will help draw a visual for them while they are reading. ♡

tip 5- readers choice: when you read, you usually have two sides, a protagonist and an antagonist (a good side and a bad side) Usually the writers use favoritism between the sides, that’s not bad, but sometimes it is best for the readers to have a choice on which side they like best, make them think through their choices. This will be a sure sign to keep them interested in what they are reading. ♔

tip 6- make it your own- make the story your own, don’t follow any rules, do what helps you best, and don’t let others tell you that it is anything but amazing. Criticism is a fatal flaw in some people, but never give up. Keep working on it, if you love writing, never ever give up! ♡

I hope this helped, and they are almost exact to my post on instagram but I think they are a little bit different. There are, however, more tips & tricks on my instagram page, so go check it out! ♔


How to make Butterbeer! 🌸

hello, loves! 🌸

I went to Universal yesterday to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and had the famous, “Butterbeer”! 🍺

It was so good, I couldn’t help myself from sharing the recipe with you! 🌸

butterbeer :

what you will need –

two liter cream soda 🍺

two tablespoons of butter extract 🌸

two teaspoons of vanilla extract 🍺

what to do –

drop the extracts into the cream soda bottle and slowly rotate until they are combined 🌸

creamtopping :

what you will need –

7oz container of marshmallow cream 🍺

1 cup of whipped cream 🌸

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 🍺

what to do:

add all cream soda items into an electric mixer and combine on medium until smooth 🌸

Pour the Butterbeer into a glass, drizzle the cream topping and enjoy! 🍺

comment what you think! 🌸