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The Mortal Instruments Playlist ♬

Hello loves, this is my playlist for the Mortal Instruments Series. I have read through the City of Fallen Angels, so this playlist will be upgraded! I am in LOVEEE with this series and I reccomend it to anyone over the age of 14 who likes sci-fi stuff such as vampires, werewolves, and things like that! This series was beautifully written by Cassandra Clare! You can go check out my review from my City Of Bones Book Review, or go to the page where it says “Books to Read”! Hope you all enjoy! Comment if you think that there should different songs, or if you would like a song added in, or even taken out. 

What Hurts The Most by – Rascal Flatts 

A Thousand Years by – Christina Perri ☪

Wrecking Ball by – Miley Cyrus 

I Won’t Give up by – Jason Marz ☪

Human by – Christina Perri 

Gone, Gone, Gone by – Philip Phillips ☪

It Will Rain by – Bruno Mars 

Catch My Breath by – Kelly Clarkson ☪

Not Over You by – Gavin Degraw 

I Need Your Love by – Calvin Harris ☪

A Drop In The Ocean by – Ron Pope 

Come on Get Higher by – Matt Nathanson ☪

Titanium by – David Guetta 

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love you all, madi. ♡